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Friday, December 19, 2014

Mark Fluet Radio Broadcast Enters it's 5th year of broadcasting

                         Coming a long way from 2011 where the software experiments and computers were not adequate to handle the programming. Long from the times of simply recording onto a sound recorder and broadcasting through winamp.

                     Long from the days of Blog Talk radio where calling the blog talk took too much time and not enough creativity. Now Mark Fluet radio Broadcast is on Spreaker and has outlets on the WTN, BLOGGER, YOUTUBE, Fluet news, Mark Fluet Radio and the list keeps growing.

                    As the Mass Consciousness awakens to the folly of this world, the listerners and followers are also growing. This is because you cannot stop the machine in motion. A better world, better people and leading the way in Nevada is the Mark Fluet Radio Broadcast.

                 5 years and still getting stronger and growing.

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  1. My Thank you to everyone that continues to support the truth and the campaign towards a better world


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