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Friday, December 19, 2014

did you ever ask what you did not know?

 Can you say with uncertainty  where the AIDS Virus came from? Did you know that there are no accidents in the Universe? What would you say if I told you that the AIDS Virus was manufactured right here in the United States as a Biological weapon to be used against the people of the United States?

     Our history is so warped that you never truly understood the significance that this body you have is merely a vessel, or rather an organic machine. Could you even understand what this truly means?

   If you are to dumb to understand the significance of the ones they refer to as ET's, You may be too dumb to realize that the United States Patten office holds pattens on a number of devices to control your consciousness and use subliminal messages against the masses.

  Did you know that there is a Tesla Device that is in the wrong hands, and has the capability to create earthquakes? If you find this hard to believe, what about H.A.A.R.P?

 What about the fact that so many ignorant people fail in the understanding of ancient wisdom that barely now most are awakening too? This is nothing new, consciousness and the power within are as old as the earth itself.

   If you understand the players of the problem that place the world as their stage, then you already know that they keep you in wilful ignorance and do not give you any true knowledge. Knowledge is what you must seek on your own.

    The person that thinks they can guard themselves alone is sadly mistaken, there are always strength in numbers. First you must be part of the collective, then you are already whole. United We Stand, Divided we Fall is a very true statement.

  Time to open your mind Check out the video above and all of my other informational outlets.

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