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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


This is not only going to shut up my critics, but it will show you proof positive that What I am saying, and have been saying is right. The date December 6, 2012 I was working Security at the Bank when I was going on Patrol. While On Patrol I started to have severe Chest pains, It felt Like an elephant was sitting on my chest. At first I called my Boss, He said to me Wait till I can get a relief..Typical Moron of the now times, they care so less about life and only want to cover their rear ends, well me being me was not having any of that nonsense, So I dialed 911.

When the Paramedics arrived I was sitting on the sidewalk trying just to remain calm, just thinking back to eighth grade, you know a simpler time. They hooked me up to this machine and said oh yes your going your having a cardiac episode.

While they were loading me up into the ambulance I was just calmly breathing, because for 1, I knew that panic really is a waste of time, and for 2 there really is not a whole lot I can do about it. As the paramedics next question was he said thats good your calm, what if you don't make it..Great bed side manners huh, I said, “ Well, there really ain't a whole lot I can do about it so why friggen worry.”

Now we get in the hospital and these Doctors of Nevada are looking, and looking, they stick this cathode up my chest to my heart take a few pictures and say to me your heart is perfect, I cannot understand why you had chest pains and let me leave at 10:00 at night with really no treatment, and my car is about oh...9 miles away.

The next day, I get into the VA Hospital and see a doctor that believes it may be caused by an over active Thyroid, Which is not good either, because that makes you skinny as hell, and it means I have to eat 4 times a big person just to maintain my weight. So again I'm on waiting list.

Now My Father has passed and I go Back to Virginia where I enter the Salem VA medical Hospital where they put me on Propanalol for blood pressure to curb the symptoms, and Methamazole for the thyroid, It must be known I HATE MEDICATION PERIOD.

It is now January, 2014 and this great Doctor, who has been an Endocrinologist for 30 years is actually betting I get sicker and possibly die. NOPE Now I looked at me. I mean All of me. Mind, Body, and Soul.. What can I do.. I started Meditating again, every night, raising my consciousness and awareness, staying focused on self, both spiritually and physically. I just simply handled self responsibility, and kept calm as always.

With each new awakening, I became more spiritually and physically a better person, although when I shaved this face I saw the same person, however, others saw it. In march of this year 2014, My Doctor asked what I was doing different, I told him. He then told me he thought I would get sicker leading to death but my numbers have improved exponentially that he is taking me off the blood pressure pills and has reduced the amount of thyroid medicine .

I now have gained weight, others are seeing me fill out I guess, Even my Mother said I look a lot better. All the blood tests and results are now a matter of doctor records, and cannot be debated. I know now Who I am, and that I do have the power within to heal myself, as do you. I have proof its called a Government Veterans Medical Record to show my story. This is not just a ploy to sell a book, It is because I genuinely love all humanity, but Your free will must be first, by all means if you want to go on being stupid arguing among yourself for petty stuff, well your free to be stupid.

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