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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Spiritual Revolution

For this Revolution will not be fought with guns, nor shall it be fought with hate, it shall be an awakening to free yourself.

In order to control a population, you must be able to control the monetary, political,
social and media, as well as the Religious outlets in order to effectively bring in one truth of the
controllers perception of reality, so as not to be questioned.
It is through a painful heart that I watch man argue and fight amongst themselves over
beliefs. Like so many in ignorance they have unknowingly put themselves into a box with no
rationalization. Truth be told You cannot limit yourself to one box, because it prevents you from
any real truth. Let us look at the people that deny creation, and hold a strong belief in evolution. I am willing
to bet that even the most stubborn individual that believes this has had sexual intercourse with his
wife, or significant other and together they have created life a child now having some of the man’s
DNA and some of the women’s DNA. There was no evolution at the moment of creation, evolution
is a part of that creation. In reality, Evolution and creation are two sides of the same coin.
This manipulation has been going on long before human recorded history. This record was,
however, recorded in great detail in the emerald tablets. The Emerald tablets cannot be altered, they do not change their molecular structure, not damaged by fire, corrosion, erosion, acid, or time. In essence, they
defy physics.

With all the truth inside of you, it is plain that all you have to do is seek within. Can we truly see now that no matter what the media shows , it never truly satisfies the need for truth. We must seek within, Having trouble starting? Try the tool box of awareness and firmly plant your own two feet. Now you can download the Authors copy of the e book


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