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Friday, September 28, 2012

WORLD OF WARCRAFT -Classic dos game

 World of Warcraft did not start out online. There was a classic set of these games that was the best strategy games which launched Blizzard to what it is today.

Warcraft II is one of the best Strategy DOSgames. This is the sequel to Warcraft 1: Orcs and Humans. The way of playing this game is very simple. Build buildings so you can train soldiers, and let the soldiers discover the map. They will find enemies all over the map. You have to kill this enemies to proceed to the next scenario of this game.

The graphics are very good, the gameplay too.
The gameplay is like Command and Conquer's Red Alert: simple, but very clever.

Reviewer: Dos-Games-Online
Warcraft 2 takes place some time after Warcraft 1 story ends. The game is pretty much the same as Warcraft 1 is in the way you build up and fight against computer controlled forces. The campaign can take a while to complete but it offers hours of fun. I've played and beaten this game lots of times and I've never got tired of this game.
The units have change considerably from Warcraft 1. The controls are completely different from the first game, they made it a lot easier to play and it flows smoothly compared to the other game. The game takes some time to get used to it at first but once you get the hang of it, it becomes fun. The music is pretty good and the graphics are decent for that time in which it came out.
If you like RTS games, then you will enjoy this one. There really isn't much that is bad about the game. It is good all around for the most part. The game has a lot of skirmish maps for even more hours of fun. The game is the best when you don't use any of the codes. The game has the same two races: the Humans and the Orcs. Each race has its strengths and weaknesses. The back story to the game is that the Orcs from another world are sent to take over the world of the Humans.
The units for each race are similar and different at the same time. They are basically the same types with a few changes to the spells that some have and upgrades that can be researched.
This game is one of the best. Be careful when playing this game, it is really easy to get hooked on it, which in itself isn't really a bad thing as all that matters is to have fun while playing. I recommend this game to anyone who likes to play Real-time strategy games."

You do not ever have to take this reviewers word for it, go here to download and see for yourself.



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