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Friday, September 28, 2012


Hello, Gamers,

This is a new site where alot of the classic best games can be purchased and instantly downloaded to your computer. These are a great selection of games, as well as the fact that you can rest easy that there are no malicious spywear, viruses or trojans.

Those are the files you get when you try to go to free sites. there are thousands of people all looseing their bank accounts and such. Here we feel that you should be able to get your games for a reasonable price and be able to play with a clear head that you are pirate free.

The best thing about MEGAGAMEPORTAL.COM, is that there is no game over $9.50. We feel that there is a value in these games and it is not right for you to have to pay outrageous prices for your entertainment.

We carry alot of great good old games that to this day are still the best of their time. Even today, people still search to try to get those games. Now the best thing to all of this, is that you no longer have to wait to have your game shipped to you. You no longer have to wait days to play your game. After the secure third party payment processing, the game you want is instantly downloaded to your computer.

Most files will have to be burned to a cd, however, there are ways to get a free CD mounter program and just extract the games to your hard drive.

We are in the 21st century and the way to game is instantly.

For all the selections you can go to:

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