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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

WOW Jennifer Marsh is a criminal

Name: Jennifer marsh City: Coral Springs: Report
Judgment: Bank of America  amount: $2,500.00
Judgment:  First Florida Mortgage Amount: 24,000
Resident: 5594 Coral Springs Dr.

Filings: Domestic for Profit Corporation (FL – Inactive)
State of Record: FL
State Reference ID: P96000065147
Registered Agent: Jennifer Marsh
File Date: Friday, August 02, 1996
Active: False
Filing Type: Domestic for Profit Corporation
Judgment: Check Cashing Store  Amount: $35,000.
Bad Check Fee
address of complainant: 10542 Wiles Road
Coral Springs, FL
Criminal report:
arrest: 9/19/1999- 812.061 Larceny

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  1. Oh my god I told all of you she just wants to get the light away from everyone seeing how rotten she is but my hacking skills can get it plus i like to report the news here


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