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Monday, August 27, 2012


Unbelievable that a psychotic abnormal person like Jennifer marsh of Coral Florida has not been committed yet. MARK FLUET 100 TROLLS 0
Of course they are going to loose Mark Fluet was in the Military for over 10 years. He has a Governors letter and he is a decorative service man

Mark Fluet Wrote the truth Jennifer Marsh always lies. We have perfectly destroyed her because by underlining the real psychotic problem we have deduced that she is the most abnormal person on the planet look let us show you how abnormal she is.

Psychologists write that those that accuse people of molesting people are actually molesting people themselves. It is a cover to try to shine the light on someone else so no one sees that they are a child molester. What is really happening is Jennifer Marsh was raped by her Father while her mother watched. Everything she is a liar and a child molester and a pedophiler due to the sick parents she had.

The real truth is that she is sick and twisted because she was being molested by her Father and she liked it. If you do not believe me Unlike the liar Jennifer Marsh I have proof here are the links to a site that truly outlines her sick condition.

First we will of to the legal site to show you even the lawyers know JENNIFER MARSH IS A LIAR. ( this is Necessary to show what the legal problem is with all the false cases that is wasteing our tax dollar)
This site shows that this kinda of outlandish lies that has been going on since people with Jennifer Marsh's condition are allowed to walk the street. She is a complete detachment from reality and since she suffers from bad trauma of sex abuse she is not normal. These kinds of people have no normal rational function of thought. A Normal person would not even think of posting such nonsense, and for that matter if her man was a man she would be far too busy with everyday life and responsibilities to even have time for such juvenile behavior.

    The mere fact that she posts so much juvenile lies and fabrications clearly shows that this person does not have the normal rational thought process of a normal human being. The fact she does not spend her time with a sensible responsible job clearly shows her inability to adapt to a normal life.

There is more. Jennifer marsh seems to be a hypocrite on top of this she went to a christian school, I guess the christians are hypocrites look what this says about people just like Jennifer marsh
These are all signs of a person that has adaptation issues, inferiority complexes, fobia of the mind, Nepolian syndrome and many others. You must not pay attention to these people but in fact call mental hospitals and ensure that your people are safe from the problems.

Jennifer Marsh is a pathological, abnormal hypocrite that needs to be committed.

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  1. It is true. Sad but true. Jennifer Marsh is a psycholgical sick person that is in need of help


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