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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why America has lost its edge.

On September 11, 2001, a plan to divide has just begun. There was no true story and people just thought that something of an adjective had made us all distraught. The problem I have is Terror means fear and we cannot win against something not here. If you still actually believe that we were attacked from outside you are lying and cheating and I will tell you why. Our Founding Fathers made a system so great. They thought of our freedom and liberties and fate. A system this perfect cannot be broke down, unless it was from the inside from a despicable clown. That is why theses companies make you sign a long sheet, of non-disclosure so you wont cheat. Now I tell you this with a large big sigh cause I know there is no way for America to survive. The only way that I would even be proven wrong is if for some reason we all came out strong. We would fight like our founders did so long ago and take back our country from those loosing old crows. I hope that my message would make you take a stand against all these traitors that really need to be canned. I hope that my message will find a good ear and make a big difference so we all still be here.

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