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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

America takes a stand

America takes a stand
By: mark R. Fluet

The Bilderberg group has met in Chantilly, Virginia and right in the heart was the head lead protester of this diabolical group Alex Jones.  Alex Jones has gained such a following that he and his group were right on the front lines protesting these criminals that decide the fate of the world. Our freedom and liberties hang in the balance. We need to abolish the Electoral College and come up with a computer system that would tally the vote from each district. Then we would actually have a true free election and we would be able to control our next President.

The Electoral College has far outlived its use; there are so many people now it can’t even be used. When this country was part of the original 13 colonies it was perfect for the system starting out but not for this bunch. America needs to take a big stand on the issues at hand. I have preached on here many times that we need to be more political and direct. We need a man in office that will do what we will. We need our economy fixed, our Americans back to work, we need our homeless problem solved we need money for shelters that have training all around. We need to fix our broken school system and make all aware that these morons aren’t teaching which will make our future destroyed. Our children need to learn all that’s going on so they can be highly educated civilians and make logical decisions to better our tomorrow.
Our citizens have fallen by the way side too long. If it wasn’t for the efforts of groups like the tea party, the Alex Jones bunch these criminals would still be hiding, in fact they have hid too long.

            We need to watch our Federal Reserve; they are only a private company that handles the world wealth for these crooks. We need to back the dollar by the US Gold and Silver standard this would put some actual wealth behind the dollar so we are not allowing false print. We need to grab this system and make our dollars in a US Mint backed and controlled by we the people. After all that’s what our constitution was designed to make our people free. If they succeed in creating the North American Union it would shred our Constitution because it would be a new nation.  If that were to happen they can take away our rights, and this is what we need to stop and show these criminals we will fight.

            If we do not do what our founding Fathers have said, you’re the ones to blame when you tuck your kids in bed. When they ask you why we have no rights you’ll have to look at them and say,” Its because mommy and daddy had no courage that day.” Our country was based on freedom and we are loosing our rights, how can we even look in the eyes of our children at night. We know we will cause our children such pain and we live like nothings happening although you know you are to blame. We allowed this system to get way out of hand. If we don’t do something now we will not be able to stand.

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