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Monday, June 4, 2012


RON PAUL IS RIGHT or Why a guy like me will never be president.
 By;  Mark Fluet

How the heck can any person with even half a brain think that we should not back our currency behind Gold and Silver? The Gold standard helped put true value behind the money rather than a fantasy Faith value. If you did this the elites, the morons that they are, would not have the actual wealth they posess now. This is why they want to keep the current system. Now I have said this to friends so ill say it now..I will never be president because of my plan.
Plan step1. Meet with all the countries. Tell them we will continue to do business because their economy cannot be damaged. Also tell them that we will not be able to help untill we fix our problems. The united states of America cannot be hypocrites. We need to fix our Homeless problem, our unemployment problem, our problem of every american having a home a job and luxury. We have education problems, and many more. Only when all americans are wealthy can we help other countries. Make the rich get punished for trying to control things wen our stuff is messed up.
Plan step2. Arrest all Billderburg group members for their prior crimes against the nation. Bring fourther the video of the driver of Kennedys car, and then execute all criminals of this organization, Unless they repent to make the nation exactly the way it was intended as our founding fathers created.
Plan step 3. Increase tax breaks for small businesses and start up companies. This will create jobs in the private sector. It is the private sector that is responsible for job creration. When we have everyone working, then the economy will be flourishing.
Plan step 4. Untill such time as all americans are stable and living in comfort no CEO or organization will make more than the president of the US. This will be the cap to prevent hoarding of the currency. This will force these morons to stable America because god forbid they cant afford their private jets.
These are the reasons a guy like me will never be a president because I am the only one that would actually do something.

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