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Monday, June 4, 2012

CNN- Not as truthful as you think

CNN- Not as truthful as you think

By: Mark Fluet

A one-time cry for help was ignored directly by CNN. This is bad giving the recently reported that CNN remains the neutral bystander to keep people honest. Well I am here to tell you they are not.
Everyone is familiar with the WTC (World Technology Corporation) Scandal, well there has been no mention on CNN that the Governor of the Commonwealth should take responsibility and take care of victims since it was the Virginia state Employment agency site that had not done due diligence.
For several weeks this one victim has reported to the Labor board, the Colorado labor Board, the Senator, the VEC, The congressman, the FBI, The IRS and Finally the Governor. The circle of bull has taken a turn No one will do anything and not assuming responsibility for their actions.
Charles Adam Johnson must be apprehended for the Millions he failed to pay to workers who worked for him and several have not received one check. What is the FBI doing? What is the IRS doing? Can we really afford politicians that do not do the job we hired them to do?
This victim took his plea by emailing CNN and low and behold not one thing was done. They never contacted the victim nor did they even attempt to look at the I find it appalling that these news media companies are refusing to portray what is really going on. Its bull that they have no balls to report what failures is happening, but we will boar the people on the Zimmerman case to death. Not one intelligent  person I know would actually think that this Zimmerman is news. How many similar cases did we have?
is one even though it is not the same set of circumstances it is a similar possibility because of the man in this case wanting a service that the person cannot perform but the worker was already there for half an hour almost and has to be paid for time. Does CNN cover this……NO
as I stated until the Governor does the right thing and reimburses all the victims his state agency caused due to no due diligence I will post write and email and now you have forced me to write a certified letter to every newspaper in the WORLD. I want retribution I want justice, I want the system to take responsibility for its failures. CNN has not covered this story and have not seen the thousands of victims from this fraudster.
CNN does not report facts they report ratings.

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