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Saturday, April 21, 2012

We have already been through the laws of the United States. We have already proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the Governor of the commonwealth of Virginia is liable and responsible for a fraudulent con artist, Charles Johnson, posting a fraudulent job on a state job website.

Title 18USC95 specifically outlines the racketeering crime Mr. Johnson is guilty of. The Governor of the Commonwealth to this day has made no effort to contact me and rectify this situation. I am urging anyone in Virginia, West Virginia, to write to the governor and make him live up to his responsibility under vicarious liability.

The Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia is exactly in the same responsibility as the commander of a ship. That rule goes like this; the captain of a ship is responsible for the conduct of the crew under his command. Therefore, The Governor of the commonwealth is responsible for the conduct of all state agencies under his time in office.

It is time that we make sure that our representatives are doing the job we put them in there to do. It looks like this Governor cannot handle his jurisdiction and responsibility. Time to write get this in writing to either get your Governor to do something, or use it as fuel to the fire to get that Governor out of office.

This is our chance, ket us make our future better by living up to our responsibility.

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