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Monday, July 4, 2011

REVIEW OF Shadows of the damned video game.

The game is a story of the ultimate evil, what you would call hell. Everything that you could even imagine as evil is the main setting. The main setting was thought of because for this action adventure, it was thought that only the darkest evil would be able to give the game its awesome effect as well as its ability to keep the gamer on the edge of their seat to keep the suspense high enough to keep you playing over and over again. This game is a third person shooting game like Resident Evil 4. The main setting in the Game is Hell. Everything that could ever be imagined as the darkest evil is all wrapped up in this game.

The game is an Action Adventure and it is complete with a Punk style music setting with a psychological overtone. This is an adventure engulfed in pure evil shooting environment. The 3-D graphics will blow your mind. Not only will the realism of the action, but the intense music have you on the edge of your seats. This intense creation of ultimate evil in the darkest realms of the imagination combined with the essence of light is the key combination of perfection in this great third person shooting game. The game is designed for one player action.

The main character named Garcia is moving through this evil place in order to save his true love that was kidnapped by a Demon. In his adventure he is in hot pursuit and gradually looses his life force until eventually he dies. Garcia is a demon hunter and even in death he will continue to hunt demons through the game. His mission is to find the Secret Weapon that emits a complete environment of light to which will be the most advantageous to him to defeat the evil demons of the game. Garcia has a partner that is a lighted skull that talks. Not only can it talk but it has the ability to change into weapons or even motorcycles. That is awesome, to have a partner that can transform into a motorcycle to make your getaway.

There have been many horror action adventure games like Resident Evil, but to this date there was never any one with the intensity of Shadows of the dammed. This game was the most intense action I have ever played. With its psychological tone of ultimate good battling ultimate evil, in evils home court takes a disadvantage to whole new heights. Just the main thought of a person walking straight into the depths of hell to save his girlfriend is a story that you can even think that there would not be too much good coming out of it.

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