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Monday, September 27, 2010



We are caught between two Paradigms, In order for us to go forward as a species we the people have to do something about this travesty. We need to discover ourselves.
This is not only the UFO Phenomena, This is our Shadow Government leading us to where we do not want to be as a species.
I have already as well as others have given you DOCUMENTED factual truths about the UFO phenomena, (NOT ALL IS AS THESE PHONY ST JUDE PEOPLE SAY)
INFOWARS.COM has already informed you about the Shadow Government Lies and deceits.
We need to get together and make a difference.
This will see if there are real patriots left.
Will you donate to the causes of the Problems we face
We need Disclosure and we the people need closure.
Lets see is there any real AMERICANS left?
Please click on the link to donate we are in need of prosperity and we get it from Ourselves


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