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Monday, September 27, 2010

Call TO do the RIGHT thing

Call TO do the RIGHT thing

Many years has passed and we the people have allowed this travesty of injustice to infiltrate our government. I was in the Military for 10 years and the military Oath is specific. It clearly states that we will support and defend the Constitution of the United states against all enemies foreign and domestic.
The balance of power has shifted in what our founding Fathers have waned us about. It even goes beyond our Four Founding Fathers. If you dare not want to read any further then you are the ones that will truly hurt.
Former president Eisenhower warns us of this coming tradegy
“The military industrial complex runs this nation. It needs perpetual war for it to profit. The “War on Terror” is the perfect scenario for the military industrial complex. A war that can never be “won” and has no definitive end.”
Yes this is the very problem. we the people have to take our country back and I am not talking about violent revolution, this should only happen when there is no other recourse. I am talking about each state using their 10th amendment right to pull out of the United States and become a free and independent commonwealth. The answer is already in front of your faces the entire time. our tax forms of W-4 give the answer,(EXEMPT). That is correct if we filled out the correct paperwork the Federal Reserve would have no choice than to give us Our Social Security back in one lump sum.
I cant preach this legally so I can not tell you how to do it But I can tell you that it is within the system that means we become more ethical and logical and we can put our power back on the map After all it is a Government BY the People for the people Not for this uneducated super rich morons that realistically no one in the United States with any common sense actually believes anymore.
I am about freedom and The reason Why I am writing this is because NO ONE on this planet has proved Alex Jones wrong. I mean did you check out the murder attempt by the same rich oligarchy on President Andrew Jackson for preventing these idiots power. He knew what they were about.
The UFO cover up is not the Military’s fault it is the sole stupidity of these fascists.
Rediscover the Constitution, Write to your congressmen and Senators, Make them do their job or get the petition ready to impeach them. Get these representatives to represent you. after all they have an obligation to the constitution and the people of this great United States.
I will pursue this until someone proves Alex Jones Wrong..And NO ONE CAN

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