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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Zamora Incident « Mfluet1's Blog

The Zamora Incident « Mfluet1's Blog

He moved further along the gravel road and finally
stopped his car at the point where he believed he had
previously seen the vehicle in the arroyo. It was at
this point that he heard what he later could describe
as several loud “thumps” or “slams”, similar to metal
hitting metal. As he left his patrol car and proceeded
towards the gulley, he had not gone more than a few
steps before he had a full view of an elongated oval

shaped object on “girder-like” legs. In that instant a
loud roar and bluish flame shot out of the underside
of the object and it began to rise. Zamora did not
hesitate…He hit the ground thinking it was about
to explode, then got up running and jumped down
on the other side of the gravel road. He heard a
whirring noise and watched the object rise up out
of the arroyo, the legs he saw moments before were
no longer apparent. He noted that the object had
risen to perhaps about twenty feet above the bottom
of the gulley when suddenly the sound stopped
completely. Th ere was no more flame visible and he
watched as the now-silent vehicle moved off parallel
to the terrain picking up speed as it left the area. He
watched it move off into the distance and it eventually
disappeared from view.
Almost immediately upon the object having left the

Our Brothers in the Skies Chapter 13 Pages 238-239


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