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Thursday, April 8, 2010



The saddest thing is that mankind has ignored the obvious. Let us face the facts, Evolution is a lie in the midst of this stupid belief there is a missing element that is overlooked and that is where did the ancients learn this important math and language they speak? Problem there is no record of schools or instructors.

All the stupid scientist that believe in evolution have never given you a record of the education, if they truly have the same brains as us they needed to be taught. Not one scientist gives you the facts i am of the old law enforcement training if it is not written down in record then it never happened.

Now let us get to DNA that is correct DNA is a tool of CREATION not evolution we here on eath has used DNA to create and even clone animals.

With that being said, we have to read the sumerian texts as well as the bible to get a full understanding of what we truly are and if what is to come happens, which is looking as fact, then we have to come to terms of the truth and we can not be denied the truth any longer.

I have started your trek here please the fate of humanity really does lay in the wings it is up to you as an individual to know the truth please get the truth it is imperative we go on.

Our Brothers in the skies

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