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Sunday, December 13, 2015



 Im going to give you the details on how easy this is all you have to do is these steps. You may want to get a free wallet May i reccomend XAPO click this link to get a free wallet  XAPO This is where you will send your coins from your ore mine. This wallet is like the Fort Knox of Bitcoin your money is safe here. Now do the below steps and start earning. There are some xapo faucets that pay directly to your wallet ill give you some at the end. remember the goal is to upgrade so your making good money. Isn't time you invested in you?

The first thing you need to do is set up ore mine go to this link  OREMINE then register for a free account. Once you are on the site notice the upgrade section just click on it. This will show you how much satoshi it costs to upgrade and how much ore and money you make monthly. OK so now that you have that done click on the deposit. This is your address, or what you can refer to as an account number. This is the address you will paste into the faucets when it asks for BTC address. You can always go back here and copy and paste that you will need this later. You will have to log in at least once a day and click the ores but that is all you will need to do.

Now let us set up your hourly site. This site will pay you hourly once you purchase the buildings with the free satoshis you will get. I will show you where to get them later this site is bitfactory. Just click the link and set up a free account you will also have to log in once a day to collect from the faucet which is your office building. remember untill you upgrade this site you will have to come back every 8 hours to claim at your front office. I would reccommend you to upgrade the ore mine and withdraw what you need to upgrade this when you have it. This wil give you an hourly income so it is also best to upgrade this too.

Ok so now remember your deposit address you need it for these sites the first one is a game rotator just sign up for another free account and place your deposit address from the ore mine in each faucet and you will be paid out weekly here

Now last but not least is the faucet box rotator this will pay you daily to your ore mine once you reach 0.00013000 satoshis the best thing is this money is free play long and you will earn more

Here is the faucetbox

Choose bitcoin and go Remember the longer you play the games and do the faucets the more you will earn. Upgrade the mine and you will see that level 8 you will be sitting pretty at $4,000 a month with just 1 level 8 mine. Have fun 

XAPO faucets They will pay immediately to your xapo wallet. Remember Upgrade and youll be set

Bitcoinker You can claim here once every 15 min

Sun Bitcoin  You can claim here once every 5 min

Jupiter bitcooin You can claim here once every 5 min

Bitcoin Zebra- You can claim here once an hour

Once you have a reasonable amont to cash out for you all you have to do is go to set up a free account and you can get your bitcoins traded for any currency through various routes, debit card, serve, western union etc.

This is the currency of the future have fun

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