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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Real Dragon Flying over england

  The Strange thing is that many idiots believe this is an edit. Weird because How would they even know what a dragon flies like? As I have stated All that disbelieve it  better be ready to prove it. I want your

Receipts that you have spent for the airlines with all destinations from all over the world.

I want dated photographs anywhere from 1968-2015 of every inch of underground areas.

i want receipts of invoices for all submarine rentals for the entire earth’s oceans as well as all underwater photography of every longitude and latitude of the entire ocean floor .

If you can not provide these then you are a ;liar because you do not have any evidence to support the claims that you actually know.

In short I covered this very subject in my first book, " Our Brothers in the Skies" Chapter 4 Page 38
793AD- England- "Dragons were seen flying in the air"

Stop listening to humans they lie to prevent you from getting ahead of them because theyt lack the brains and courage.

Research only the hidden truths

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