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Friday, January 2, 2015

January 5th The return of Mark Fluet radio Broadcast

January 5th, 2015 marks the return of Mark Fluet radio Broadcast for its 5th year. Mark Fluet Does not syndicate, nor does it align itself with those parties that fabricate stories or lies. Mark Fluet always gives major sources Where you can research all he is telling you, and he will always know more than teleprompter reading media.

Mark Fluet has had 10 years in the United States Military and he has a long list of schools and education that he has taken. He also has two major degrees one in criminal Justice and the other in business management.

Due to contrary belief Mark subscribes to youtube channels that he agrees with, but he also subscribes to those he may feel be letting out false information on purpose. The ones that he now knows are liars have never had the courage to write him.

Mark Fluet has more credibility than the young turks or anyone else due to his impressive reume and he has many years of security/Law Enforcement training and would be the first to tell you most of the syndicated media on youtube is to keep you off the right track.

He knows a lot about the Rothchilds, but mostly because most of these idiots do not read, David Rockefeller in his own book admited to the government within the Government and pled guilty.

But of course Most stupid people do not read, or are too lazy to read.

Mark will be giving you a real treat from a book that started in 1951 and actually ties all the events happening today, by the way Mark was not born til 1969 so it pre dated him. This information will show you all those that are awake, it will show you clearly those destined to die and those destined to live.

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