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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Broadcast For September 1st

                      Mark Fluet Radio Broadcast



                  Sunday, August 31, 2014

    Tonight's Broadcast is sponsored by the Book Pleiadean Knowledge

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No good can come out of this anymore, because the majority of the population does not have any common sense any more. We need to take negative into a positive. Understanding the black magic of the frequency.


The more you learn about the Illuminate (cabal) the more you go into the dark ages. They are leading themselves to their demise. Time to move into the higher vibrations. You are truly great beings, you are  winning this battle. A great awakening is coming that will increase the level of Consciousness.

    Pleiadean Message

    You are being accompanied on your journey that you will have many experiences back to your journey. It is hard but you will keep focused to make that change.

Plus Unconditional Love

Want to get some insight..There is only One book that was purposely written to see for yourself where you personally are in comparison to what is going on around you. You will see where You are and if you have the knowledge.

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