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Monday, June 16, 2014

Messages 06-16-2014


Mark Fluet Broadcast tonight  Sponsored by Pleiadean Knowledge

 These are stories and enlightenments for your own knowledge please have your own experience and understanding when viewing these and please understand these are just information to better yourself.

Anonymous: Operation World Cup

Anonymous targets the main sponsors of the world cup taking place in brazil.


Las Vagas Shooters Profile Found

There is some that may have a profile based interjection on the media that may just be slandering the free and independent citizens that are not violent this may be a problem and will be handled peacefully and the right way. remeber this person does his own foot work to get information and that is why this story is here

Hilarion's Weekly Message _ June 9 16, 2014

June 21 is the goal for all those that have gotten this far and have been in the know

Archangel Michael_ Relax _ June 4, 2014

Relax is the  message here

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