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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Luciferian Philosophy

“If one truly opens their eyes today, one can see clearly, that this philosophy governs our central bank, the cabal, and our would leaders.”


In Reality, The Luciferian Philosophy is by all accounts Satanism. I must tell you that the
Cabal had lied to you. You believe that Lucifer is the Devil or Satan. This is just not true. Again they
have you looking exterior instead of interior. The real truth is that if you understand that then this
truth is easy, Everywhere in the Universe this ideology went, it has always failed drastically. To
sum it up, no matter how much control they gain, or money and wealth they obtain, they always end
up loosing it in the long run, so therefor are born to loose. Now, taking all the lessons we have
discussed so far, we can now explain this in detail and show you why the cabal think and act the way
they do. Understanding that the divine is within you, and that your being, or spirit, is free to do what it
wants, you can understand that the Luciferian Philosophy is to cut, or separate themselves off
from the Unity of oneness of love in the Universe, and instead become a duality of two-ness as a
separate being. This is why the brain has two hemispheres so you see things in two's. For example RIGHTWRONG-LEFT-RIGHT, etc. This also shows you why the heart is whole, and only sees
ONE unconditional love. Nova Institute had made a study of the atmosphere of Mars, and what they
had discovered was on the surface, that planet had no magnetics. What was interesting they discovered
that the core of the planet magnetics were detected. This proves that once on the surface of the entire
planet had magnetics and life like us, but then something happened and it does not today. We will
come back to this in a minute. What ends up happening, when beings embrace the Luciferian
Philosophy is this: People become very greedy, they will not share with anyone. They always end up
fighting and killing each other because they have no compassion for one another. Now let us show you
what did happen on Mars. In the Sumerian Tablets, a story is told of their kings coming from Mars. So
these beings on Mars, all adapted to the Luciferian Philosophy. What they do is they do not have
compassion, do not ask permission they just do it weather you would like it or not. The entire planet
became greedy, possessive, and fighting and killing each other till they blew away their atmosphere. It

is that simple. If you think about us right now, Our cabal has the technology to destroy us, the planet,
and everyone on it. With that knowledge, and what that would effect, then since man has been dumb,
Of course the Universe would send help. Because in a selfish way, you do not realize you effect more
than yourselves from your bungling.

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  1. With all The Awakening That Has Been Happening..It is no Accident that Anonymous arose in 2011. It is no Accident that The Mayan Calendar was 100% correct of a new beginning Erasing Fear. As it is no accident that people are waking up at an accelerated rate. For there are no accidents in the Universe.


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