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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BING V.S Google

 In today's world, to get real facts the experts only use eityher Bing or There is a reason for this. People that lie and cheat like Trolls that always lie (Jennifer Marsh and her family) Can lie and have theur lies in the search in google But not in Bing or in Start page.

A true investigator looking for facts will always use either Bing or this is to prevent any of the sites that are not legitimate from even being displayed. Google is falling short in factual webpages by over 200,000,000 searches.

These numbers also show the people switching to a search engine that is more reliable and acurate in getting facts. FALSE LIE PAGES no matter what codes will not show up because the searches are based on Legitimacy and facts.

In searching My name I found only the sites that were acurate there was no cheap imitation sites or lies or anything that would be considered a waste of time reading.

Bing is great for the investigative searches because it is based on reality where as Google is based 99.8% on fantasy.

Another great search engine that can be set as your home page is This is a site that is private browsing and is also reliable on facts. This page has been my home page for the last year and it has been proven to be a great source of reality. No lies here.

So if you want the truth and real accurate page info DO NOT USE GOOGLE use Bing or

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