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Thursday, May 30, 2013

What My Father would want

 Everyday has been a battle and every day my heart sinks. But I know what is happening is not what DAD would want, My father would want us to be together as one. My Father knew that one of us is not as strong as all of us.If we can get passed this hump we can be what he would want, My father never would have left me in ruins he would have picked us all up and has at one time or another.

My Father kept us tight and he loved us with all his heart, even though he could joke with you all night. My dad loved his sports and he could tell you the score of a great game that happened in 1974. My dad was my life he kept us all straight, i remember when we went to be just about 8.

My dad made sure we were fed every night, he gave us our bath and made sure we went to bed at night. Our dad stood watch and guarded us late, even though he fell asleep while we ate.

Our dad was the one that made sure we were square and every month would take us to cut our hair. My Father was the one who kept our house straight there was no funny business in our place. Dad would really go off when we screwed up, And his yelling would teach us not to do that again. No matter what we did the one thing was sure, Our Father loved us with his whole heart thats for sure.

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  1. My Dad is the one that I love with all my heart and We must stay tight no matter what If there is one that lies and cheats we need to forget them so we can be free. Our family is what we need to be strong, Let us all keep dads traditions for all


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