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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Army National Guard Days (Mark Fluet)

Army National Guard Days (Mark Fluet)

In 1996 Mark Fluet Enlisted in the California Army National Guard. Mark Fluet was assigned to B co 40th fwd Support Battalion. Under the Leadership of Captain Kamumora, Mark Fluet really shined and all saw the leadership potential.

Mark Fluet was a soldier that took on many assignments mainly worked out of the motor pool to keep the vehicles in top shape. Mark Fluet after only 1 year’s time was temporarily attached to the headquarters in Bell, California working on their vehicles.

The worse was the constant moving around within the Army National Guard. Mark Fluet transferred from California Army National Guard to the Indiana Army National Guard and was an 11-B in an infantry platoon.

Mark Fluet Is a decorated war hero serving in both Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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