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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anonymous takes down Pathological sick person's site for 3 hours

Jennifer Marsh, who is a proven pathological liar has been calling and messaging people with outlandish lies was targeted Sunday by the group Anonymous and her site at was taken down from the server for 3 hours.
The server not found shows that the entire site was missing for that length of time. A member stated that if she continues this course of lying and iniative will be sent to the owners of the domain company to permately delete her site for violation of terms of service


  1. Jennifer Marsh is a liar nothing she says is real she has no social security numbers she has nothing but i know for a fact Anonymous TOOK her down fucked her in the ass

  2. Jennifer Marsh
    Criminal record includes
    Internet fraud
    Child Molesting
    Telephone Fraud
    Donkey Raping
    Sodomy on puppies
    Oral Sex with goats
    Having Sex with a minor
    Cum Guzzeling in Public


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