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Monday, July 9, 2012

Update of the Mark Fluet Radio Broadcast

Journal of Mark Fluet

i have been diligently keeping up with the work of waking up the public. What is amazing to me is that a very large group of people truly know more than I have ever thought. I am the broadcaster of my own web radio show, and after I have published the book Our Brothers in the skies, it was imperative that I keep trying to make a difference. i want my life to be thought of as making a difference.

This day is one show and 18 episodes later. i have revealed the Central Bankers in a manner that hopefully everyone can understand,  have revealed the two party dictatorship, along with the fact of our freedom needs help.  also have revealed something that is truly old hat as far as I am concerned, but maybe it is the crucial point of why the masses are not awake. That incident of Deluce, New Mexico was the most hidden travesty that occurred on these United States Soil. It is the back bone of the New World Order.

I have put it out there that there may be a false flag attack at the 2012 Olympic games in London, and that they need to keep their eyes open for that one. I have put it out there that maybe the people you rely on for the truth are not telling you the complete truth.

let us look at facts. he following people have been executed in their quest to provide the truth to the American People; Phil Schneider, A retired CIA agent that was involved with the deluce incident of 1979. William Cooper, a former Naval intelligence Officer that had experience in the Navy and was threatened with docking 3/4 of his pay if talked about what he came in contact with.

These people risked and gave their lives to defend the Constitution of the united States and they deserve to have their message looked at in full. Any one that does not care about this country should get out. This problem effects the entire world and it is time that we put our petty differences aside and make the difference to better our tomorrow.
I have covered a lot of information to this day and I am in the process of going on with the radio broadcast and I am working on getting an interview with a Governor or Public Official of some intelligence. I will let you know when this will occur.

Mark Fluets Radio Broadcast

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