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Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Zombie attack Update

Ok let us try to stop throwing plastic flags on this event. If a Zombie apocalypse was going to happen it would be because we the people ingested Neurotoxins in the first place.  There are Neurotoxins in PCP and it has been proven that there are several to be sure. This has actually gone on for thousands of years, and it looks like it may go on for thousands more because for some strange reason people just have to put stuff in their bodies they are told not to. We just have to do the opposite of what our parents told us because we know better.
This is the reason why we have labels on bleach do not drink because some stupid moron just had to pick up the bottle because he liked the smell and guzzle the whole dam thing. God only knows what he was thinking, or was he. People find all kinds of ways to get high, ripped, plastered, wasted, and FUBAR on a daily basis. This is why Japan and China are way out in front in the technology race because you dumb asses are too busy concocting new idiotic ways to get high.
Neurotoxins were used in Haiti for the purposes of making a zombie. It is not fantasy it is fact. the sad part is that these so called scholars have never seen it and probably have never gone there, because god forbid they miss tea time at 3. The way to beat a shadow government, you know the lobbyists that make the politicians pass what they want because they funded them, is to not be a complete moron and put the stuff that causes this right into your body.
The point of being well aware of your surroundings, and being educated allows you to keep an eye on what is going on and be a real American, as our founding Fathers were, and do your part to make this country better. You can’t do that if you’re dining on people's faces. My question is why no one just shot the moron. Why are we waiting for the police? You know dam well their response time sucks. You see a guy eating another guy, it’s really simple. Pull out gun pull trigger and shoot in the head. Problem solved.
I just love the fact these mothers say," That was no zombie that was my son." My mother wouldn't do that. She would say this," He knew better than that, I did not raise him like that. He got what he deserved." That’s a mother. Because a real mother does not want to disgrace their family heritage, and if their son or daughter does crap like that, they will kill their siblings themselves as not to bring shame on their family name.
Want to avoid a zombie apocalypse all you need to do is STOP GETTING HIGH YOU ASS HOLES.

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