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Thursday, September 29, 2011


In what is a stunning shocker to many there are some states in the United States that are ignoring the laws set into action by the Supreme Court of the United States. The Commonwealth of Virginia is one of those States.

            It is really no surprise though, the population has a high rate of illiteracy. It is amazing that some people in the Southwest Virginia region can even read. There are those that excel but to excel only in Southwest Virginia is really no reason to say you excelled.

            Let us take the housing and apartment region there. The Supreme Court Decision of Oglesby v GA 505 under False Pretenses section covers what the Landlord of the High Meadows is guilty of. False Pretenses from landlords are a serious crime in this country. The landlords lie that a dwelling is safe and secure and free of incident where as the people moving in are soon faced with this lie and that is proven that the decision of this has also influenced California because all states can have a renters strike. Meaning the renters do not have to pay rent until the said items are fixed and up to a specific code of ethics for the renter. This is also fraudulent information, renting by false methods, I could go on the bottom line is that it is illegal.

            More to come..I have tons of violations of this Communistic situation

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