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Saturday, July 16, 2011


In the business world today, all businesses need a website. The question is what are they using it for? The main reason you even get a website is sort of like a business card right? WRONG. The main reason a business site really should serve two main purposes.

1. The site should serve as a place where others can see your business world wide. Yes this is like a business card, but it is not the only purpose that a site should serve. Using a website as a placement in order to show others your business and hopefully gain new clients is fine, but if you are using it only for that you are missing the other most important reason any business needs a website.

2. The main reason a business needs a website is to generate advertising revenue for the business. See clients come and go and you have to find a way to subsidize the income. Advertising dollars are something that every business needs. Even someone as professional as Ted Turner understood that. Ted took advertising dollars to make his franchise bigger. All business from the one person working at home on a computer to the corporate enterprise needs a website to generate advertising dollars for their company.

Advertising dollars are so important in today’s business world, in fact, if you are not using a website capable of doing this, then you are missing out on something that could extremely help your business. Many businesses are closing their doors and they are not in business any more. Do not be a statistic; we have an answer an advertising capable website that can attract customers as well as people wanting to pay you to advertise on their site.

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