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Monday, June 20, 2011


The problems that are in our schools today are destroying our youth. Our children are being bullied from kids and they are suffering from hypertension and more symptoms that are preventing our children from being able to learn.

In Scott Memorial middle School, Wytheville, VA there are several reports of teens and kids being victims from violence of these bullies. Beatings are being done in the bathrooms and children are being allowed to be bullied, due to inadequate camera surveillance, and inadequate monitoring these bullies already know when and where they can strike.

A security Consultant went to Scott memorial School and noticed that the cameras were not in all areas of necessary monitoring positions. He also noticed that there was holes in the coverage which is easily able to be circumvented by the bullies. The Security Consultant also noticed that there was no communication where they should be communication. The Principal is key, but the most important key figures that should be informed is the Teachers.

With no adequate coverage, no adequate communication, as well as a policy that has been outdated for a decade now, Scott memorial School needs to come up to standards as the rest of the nation in the bullying policy or else needs to have some serious ramifications on them.

If our students are unable to go to school and learn then it is a conclusion that our future will be destroyed without any future leaders to make a difference. There are problems in the restrooms more than ever where children are being beaten to a bloody pulp.

Now let me let you in on a secret. This is all stemming from a role playing game where these bullies actually modified the rules to be brought into reality. The name of the game was Godfathers. Now with this new information Investigators went to the ropes to get the rules of this game and the problem is that the rules are to explicit to be printed. We have to find the real cause, and it is not the game it is the officials not doing what they were put in place to do.

We have to make a difference for the future of our children. If you are a supporter of making a difference then go to this link and donate to the cause we have so very little time with our children lets force our schools to do what we pay them to do as taxpayers.

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