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Friday, April 23, 2010

What do you really know…. « Mfluet1's Blog

What do you really know…. « Mfluet1's Blog

It is really a travesty that many of these false Christians call themselves that..They do not really understand the bible and why should they? It is a proven fact that no one has read the real bible.
If one would do the research they would truly see the truth..Here is the REAL bible..Not the false bible that many here read..Oh and by the way..King James was a tyrant he had only his nobles that were able to read the common people like you and i couldn’t read.. so really that should tell you something.

here is just a brief sentence from the real bible(Hebrew) look at the real difference and remember all you false Christians the book of revelations was specific it clearly stated those that know the creator was saved it never mentioned Jesus..It was through Jesus because guess what Jesus was the messanger period so all you false christians better start reading the real bible now.

Now look at the difference

1:1 רֵא ִ ְ רָא הִי אֱאֵת מַיִ הַ ָ וְאֵת הָאָרֶ
b·rashith bra aleim ath e·shmim u·ath e·artz
in·beginning he-created Elohim » the·heavens and·» the·earth

The word Giants in the bible was not the correct word. The correct word in place of Giants was the word Niphilim which meant those that came down.

Also there is a passage in Genises that said and the earth was without form and void..Well logic alone would suggest that you cannot make something out of nothing and low and behold the correct interpretation of that was that the earth was tohu-voru..which means and the earth became a waste and a desolation..Geez isnt that what the majority of humans do today..I think it is time to stop living the lie..the creators told you the age of innocence is gone you better wake up

our brothers in the skies

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