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Sunday, March 21, 2010

ways to make your home more energy efficient « Mfluet1's Blog

ways to make your home more energy efficient « Mfluet1's Blog

Here are some ways to make your home more energy efficient. This will allow you to save money and become energy efficient.

1. Make sure your walls and attic are well insulated.
Effective insulation is the best way to prevent the heat from escaping the house during the winter. r into the house in summer, so less energy is required to heat or cool the house. If your house has no wall insulation and it has more-or-less continuous wall cavities (such as conventional stud walls), blown-in insulation can greatly improve your comfort and save enough energy to be very cost-effective. This is a great start for this step.

2. Upgrade or replace windows.
If your windows are old and leaky, it may be time to replace them with energy-efficient models or boost their efficiency with weather-stripping and storm windows. It is almost never cost-effective to replace windows just to save energy. According to Energy,

3. Plant shade trees and shrubs around your house.
If your house is older, with relatively poor insulation and windows, good landscaping can save energy, especially if planted on the house’s west side.

4. Solar Energy
The best way to beat the high cost of energy is also to take your energy from the sun. Solar energy is very cost effective and the best thing is you will not have an electric bill. The cost of the panels can be made for under $100.00. This is the best and most effective way to be energy efficient.

5.Replace an older furnace with a high-efficiency system.
f your furnace was built before 1992 and has a standing pilot, it probably wastes 35 percent of the fuel it uses, and it is probably near the end of its service life.

6.Replace incandescent lightbulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).
CFLs can save three-quarters of the electricity used by incandescents. Most people don’t think about the fact that the electricity to run a lightbulb costs much more than the bulb itself. One of the new CFLs costs about two or three dollars, but it lasts 10,000 hours and uses only about 27 watts to generate as much light as a 100-watt incandescent bulb.

These are just some of the ways check out more of the best ways to save money and make your homemore energy efficient at

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