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Sunday, March 21, 2010

USA. Waco, Texas 1918 « Mfluet1's Blog

USA. Waco, Texas 1918 « Mfluet1's Blog

Edwin Bauhan, one of several soldiers at Rich Field in Waco Texas who observed a 100-150 foot cigar-shaped object after leaving the mess hall. “It came directly overhead, and was no more than 500 feet high so we got an excellent view of it. It had no motors, no rigging, it was noiseless, a rose or sort of flame color, I could observe no windows. We all experienced the weirdest feeling of our lives, and sat in our tent puzzling over it for some time.”

Our Brothers in the skies:The hidden truth revealed chapter 8 page 104

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Our Brothers in the Skies.

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