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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Evolution a lie, We were created « Mfluet1's Blog

Evolution a lie, We were created « Mfluet1's Blog

There is a lot of speculation of the creation of man, however, I am here to tell you that we have been created by intelligent creation due to the fact there is D.N.A involved. Reality is that, think about our idiotic scientists that have used D.N.A to clone sheep and other speices. Thats right, D.N.A was created it is a proven fact and that is reality.

There are other evidence but let us think about this BIG BANG theroy. OK now we all know that the X and the Y chromozone are the two important chemicals that make up life.. Now this so called star explodes and with all the billions of chemicals in the Universe these two just happened to get together and become folsilized on a crystal.. So far it sounds stupid and defies logic..

Now according to this this crystal produces and amemba that falls into the ocean. 200 years go by and this ameba for whatever reason decides it needs eyes to see so it develops eyes.
200 more years go by and it decides it needs fins to swim, so this ameba with eyes now develops fins. 200 years more go by and this little ameba with eyes and fins now decides it needs a tail to swim faster..I have a question on this..How do you know your missing something if you never had it before?

Then the story continues that 200 years more go by this ameba with eyes, fins, and now a tail has ate all the food in the ocea so it has to develop legs to walk on the earth. First of all 7/8 of the earth surface is water that must have been one big ameba.

I couldn’t have written a better comedy than what is here. We have been visited and are continuing to be engaged as a species and unless we get this stupid thought brain washing out of our system then we will never get to the truth and where we need to be.

We are running out of time and we have to start somewhere. We have to get this truth I have given you the truth to start and there is a wide variety of information click the link below, Read, get the truth do not be left behind


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