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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rob Zombie's Friday the Thirteenth

Well this is the latest screw up of a movie i have ever seen. First let us remember Jason..What made Jason His slow Methodical cunning, and most of all slow perception of his kill he never ran he never jumped quickly HE WAS A ZOMBIE the dead boy of a woman that drowned in camp crystal lake. I know the movie was 70's and maybe there are retards out there that really dont get the point but think about this a movie is only as good as following a particular pattern of the story.

Another problem that i have is Jason was never into torture, Thre burning sleeping bag..OMG get a grip Jason should be to the point get it done period. They ruined it forever

Ok what else lets see there was the tense whisper of KILL KILL KILL HA HA HA well Rob took that away yep there was none.

My personal opinion is i will never see anything Rob Zombie does cause he takes away what made it a masterpiece to begin with

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